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Brainstorming Virtually Wall
The advent of EClubs in the Rotary membership world has many positive outcomes.  Our own club has almost doubled in size, increased the number of women and under 40's and continues to achieve community service projects.  To speak honestly and candidly, though,  just sitting on our laurels is not enough.
To stay viable when technologies are spinning faster and faster, when we have members spread across the globe in over 10 time zones (probably more but this was a quick count), when people have so many ways to do good or to stay busy, this takes work and creative thinking.  Although we encourage the use of Skype and FaceTime how do we use these technologies when it is 6 PM in Mechanicville NY and 4 AM in Dharmasala India or the  middle of the work day in Arizona??  And what do we do when some of out members volunteering in other parts of the world have no internet access?
How do we help our global members create a service project in their part of the world and carry it out?  Same for fund raising.  Right now we are working on these things here in the Southern Saratoga area in Upstate NY but almost 50% of our members live elsewhere or travel much.
After a year of planning our EClub transition and now two years of practical experience is it time to address these issues and find creative ways to pull us together while maintaining the autonomy of internet based membership?
These issues aren't problems but they are important to the health of our club and the many communities we serve around the world.  At last count we live or work in 12 communities in 4 States, 4 countries while also volunteering in places like Kenya, Ethiopia, and China.
Using our Write on the Wall technique please take a look at some of the ideas I've submitted, add your own ideas or thoughts.  The only rule of brainstorming is there are NO rules so no need to judge.  Once we get the Wall full we can send on to our Board for comment and discussion and hopefully change.
I invite you to click and write.
And Yes some of these ideas require some fundraising, new policies or a new process.