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Literacy - A Community Affair
Literacy and Community go hand-in-hand.  You've heard that before.  Sounds good but have you ever asked yourself WHY?  Recently I found this statement in an article from
"From a collective perspective, a literate community is a dynamic community; a community that exchanges ideas, engages in dialogue is more innovative and productive. The sharing of ideas, perspectives and concerns also leads to greater levels of mutual understanding and caring, and ultimately strong community spirit"
Communities do many things to bring about idea exchange, increase dialogue and increase understanding - newspapers, local magazines, block parties, even garage sales.  
My own community does them all.  We even have a local online exchange.  We also have a dynamic public library with classes and meetings and lots and lots of books.
Adding a Little Free LIbrary seemed like a natural way to extend a love of reading and contribute to our caring community.  Book exchanges are a nice way to meet your neighbors, do good without spending lots of money and with over 70,000 around the world, can be done in YOUR community too.
My LFL # 17197 is located on my property just off the driveway - easy for cars to pull up and safe for the biking and walking traffic.  I used an old newspaper vending machine (with the coin exchange removed) as the first library.  Soon I realized I need room for more books so I found a large container meant as a small tool shed as my current library.  I had it insulated and leveled.
The message Take A Book Leave A Book helps keep the Library fresh and new.  I am also the 'go-to' person for donations from friends and neighbors.
The Library gets involved in other things too.  On Earth Day I give away seed packets; at Thanksgiving you can find holiday food items and at Christmas I leave small toys.
Currently I am giving away Dictionaries for Back To School.  And I started a summer reading program called Reading Friday.  Every Friday you will find me out at the library with a good book in hand and read for an hour.  I do this to get the word out about the library but also to get to meet my neighbors.  It's lovely to sit and read.
There are lots of ways to create a library even if you don't have any property.  You can use a suitcase, a knapsack or similar, put in some books and stop in to a cafe for coffee or go to a meeting.  If you sign up with you will get your own LFL number and sign.  Check out their website for many many ideas.
Two next steps for me: first I'm redesigning my current library - stay tuned for what it will look like very soon.  Secondly I invested in a collapsible mobile library so I have a better way to carry books around to my local assisted living faciluty and to doctor's appointments (you know how we all sit around stuck with those old magazines - now people will have the opportunity to take a book to while away the time.)
Literacy and Community - a very good thing.  You can do it too.  And did I mention that it's FUN!