Thanks to Debbie Vance, Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians for permission to use her graphics
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Jan 01, 2019
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New Rotary Learning Center



Have you seen the features of the new Learning Center? Participants can now earn virtual badges, find courses in languages like Chinese and Swedish, and follow a learning plan to take a series of courses on a role or topic.

For example, each club officer role now has a learning plan that includes updated materials and manuals. Club presidents will find a manual for their role in the Learning Center. Manuals for the other seven club positions have been divided into multiple courses, each about one topic, to make it easy to find — and learn — what you need to know. Be sure to promote these new resources to club officers:

  • Club President Basics

  • Club Secretary Basics

  • Club Treasurer Basics

  • Club Membership Committee Basics

  • Club Administration Committee Basics

  • Club Public Image Committee Basics

  • Club Service Projects Committee Basics

  • Club Rotary Foundation Committee Basics

Here are a few other courses to consider: 

  • Rotary Club Central Resources includes a video and how-to guides for setting goals and understanding trends.

  • Rotary Foundation Basics explains the Foundation and its programs, grants, and funds. updated

  • Rotary’s Areas of Focus outlines goals, projects, and resources for each of Rotary’s areas of focus. 

  • Membership courses promote new strategies for recruiting members and enhancing clubs.

Explore the Learning Center course catalog for more tools, presentations, and worksheets that can supplement your training agenda.


Rotary Peace Academy

In this free training course, discover the strategies and tools that can help individuals, Rotarians like yourselves, cities and nations to build and sustain peace, through the internationally recognised and transformational eight-pillar Positive Peace framework. Through this academy, you will strengthen your knowledge and identify concrete ways to enhance and engage in Rotary’s work in peace and conflict resolution and the Areas of Focus – all via a Positive Peace lens.

SPECIAL NOTE - to access the Learning Center or the Peace Academy you will need a MY ROTARY ACCOUNT. Click HERE for instructions.
A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO Debbie Vance from the Rotary Club of Motorcycling Rotarians for permission to use her Rotary graphics.