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School of Public Health
Oct 20, 2018
7:30 AM – 3:30 PM
School of Public Health
Oct 24, 2018
LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION - Rotary Foundation Dinner
Glen Sanders Mansion
Nov 08, 2018
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Gerald B Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery
Dec 15, 2018
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1 Minute of 1440
1 Minute of 1440
Each day has 1440 minutes (60 min * 24 hrs). One minute equals 0.069% of a day or about 60 heart beats. I think it would be wonderful if each member of our eClub invested at least 1 minute each day in service, committing random acts of kindness, or creating a better world in some other way. Non-eclubs consume at least 60 minutes a week sitting in a meeting which is 53 minutes more than 1 minute each day for a week. 7 minutes a week is 88% less of a time commitment than a single 1 hour meeting in a non-eClub.
I think our small eClub could “Be The Inspiration” for change in Rotary by focusing on acts “serving humanity”. I would like to make this a measurable objective for our eClub. It seems what gets measured is what gets done. I would like a summary of these acts to be our weekly bulletin to create a sense of community, encouragement, and accountability. I am building a new free website which will have a google form on it where each member can share what they have done each week (the form can be updated via email also).
To improve a sense of community and create a better communication system, I will create a single personal document for each member where they can share (add/edit) anything they wish to include like: name, background, photos, interests, skills to share, links to video, etc… There will also be the option of using our google voice phone number 518-310-6605 (avoiding computers and the internet) to share SMS text messages or voice (which automatically transcribes voice to text). So, each member can leave a voice message each week for everyone to listen to instead of attending a meeting. And, there will always be the Padlet Whiteboard option on the website to drop voice, video, text, images…
I would also like to make it easier for others to serve with us as an extended team. So, I was thinking of creating a “Friends Of Rotary Service” option focused on action. Maybe we could create a $5 annual fee per person with a commitment to Rotary principles. The goal/measure would not be collecting money or fundraising, but would be on acts and minutes of service. I believe there a many many people who would be happy to help create a better world if can provide a model that shifts the focus away from meetings and money.
What matters most is action. We have a great opportunity to create a better world and set a good example if we are willing to act… 1 minute, 0.069% of a day, 60 heart beats ☺
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