Posted by Pepi Noble
Upstate Rotary eAssembly First Edition 
In the Rotary World, a club assembly is held periodically to discuss club programs and activities. Most clubs hold four to six assemblies per year. Assemblies allow members to. Brainstorm ideas for projects and activities. Set goals and develop action plans.  Assemblies are lighthearted, enjoyable and fun.  This is our first eAssembly and is loaded with information about our Dictionary Project, Wreaths Across America, additional service ideas, and how to access the Bulletin. 
The Dictionary Project - since 2004 our Rotary club has given every 3rd grade student in our local area schools a personal dictionary.  Totals to date over 6,500.  The dates to hand out the dictionaries this year are all posted on the Events Calendar.  Here's how it works: a team of four or five club Rotarians go to each school at a specific time and meet the children, make a short presentation and then personally hand out a dictionary to each child and teacher. Tales approximately one hour.
Each school has a different approach - in some schools we go to each 3rd grade classroom.  In others we go to the auditorium or class pod.  Presentations are short but so worthwhile.  The students love seeing the 'longest' word in the dictionary, sign language, maps of the world and other secrets of a dictionary.  They enjoy looking up a few words too. Each dictionary is labeled with the Rotary 4 Way Test and a place for the student's name.
We need your help to distribute the books this year.  Times reflect sign in, getting to the specified area.  Please contact Patrick at ppomerville@whufsd or Robin at to sign up for one or more of the schools.  And if you have a friend that would like to help bring them along. Seeing the expression's on the children's faces is unforgetable.
Wreaths Across America - Saturday, December 16, 2017 Gerald B Solomon National Cemetery - our second year of participating in this nationwide project to honor and respect those that served our country.  10,000 wreaths need to be placed on the graves and the names read aloud.  Several of our members have signed up as volunteers already.  The Ceremony is at Noon (all over the United States) so please leave yourself enough time to find parking and to walk to the main area.  Dress for cold weather and expect to be outside about two hours.  You can sign up or get more information at  
After Wreath Warm-Up Social - we will get together following the laying of the wreaths to talk about a possible fund raiser and to have some fellowship and fun.  Location will be announced shortly.  Time approsimately 2 PM.
Accessing the Weekly Bulletin - EClubs use technology to meet.  Our club uses our website to post a weekly activity using our Bulletin that is emailed to you once a week.  The Bulletin is a public document meaning you do not need to log in to our website to read it.  When you get the email about the Bulletin just click on the link and you should go directly to the newest Bulletin which you can just read or watch the video.  To stay engaged with each other we use a program that allows us to each write a comment about the story or video. We call it Write on the Wall and youjust clidk anywhere on the picture and should be able to write a comment. You may have to double click.  How long do you have to access and read the weekly Bulletin?  We suggest 15-20 minutes weekly or a total of two hours a month.  Remember belonging to an EClub saves you time, money and if you engage with us, you can make a difference.  
Enhancement to Write on the Wall - Recently we learned that some of you are unable to Write on the Wall because your device is too small to display it properly.  Although there is an app for mobile devices our resident computer guru, Frank Quinn, found a better way to have not only a way to comment but a way to converse.  Look for information and roll-out in the next few weeks.
Community Service Ideas - a few months ago we discussed finding other service projects that increase value in the community.  One idea was for members to ask for our assistance with a project dear to their hearts.  New member, Sari Medick, jumped at this opportunity.  Sari, a long time Rotarian transferring to the EClub, knows how Rotarians like to help each other. Sari is one of the movers and shakers of Holiday on the Avenue in Scotia taking place on Sunday, December 3 from 2 - 5 PM on Mohawk Avenue.  This family fun day features food, crafts, music and much much more.  Ssar asked and we responded.  Todd helped decorate last weekend, Robin is over there today decorating Santa's House and I head over tomorrow.  Perhaps others of you volunteered also.
Upstate NY is a big place and working with other community groups over in Scotia and in other areas is just one way to increase value to communities.  Do you have a favorite project that needs more hands?  Can we offer any assistance to other community groups or organizations?
And if you have an idea or see a need?  Rotary is a place for passions.  There is a Rotary Fellowship or Action Group for almost every subject and someone interested in helping you make your idea a reality.   As we grow our service we also grow