Posted by Sari Medick
RUN. ROW, RACK'em Up For Rotary

Join us for a FIRST OF ITS KIND ROTARY FUN-RAISER! We will be working out at Orange Theory Fitness! Never tried it before...thats great. President Elect Sari Medick is a proud member of Orange Theory Albany, and is excited to Rack Up the Miles to Reach out for Rotary!

Donation to District 7190 Rotary E-Club will earn you a chance to help us Walk, Run and Row miles to Reach new distances with our Literacy Project and more.

With E Club Members over seas - we are going to see how far a group effort work out can get us to reaching one of our members.

$25 Minimum Donation to participate in our on site event. This event is limited to 25 participants at the venue, unlimited opportunities to participate Virtually!

Are you not one to work out, you can buy your miles too and support the e club!


Every dollar raised goes towards our E Club and all of the amazing work it does.

Questions? Contact President Elect Sari Medick at or 518-248-9584


Orangetheory Fitness
1704 Western Ave
Albany, NY 12203