Posted by Frank Quinn
Putting It All Together
Watch the video and then please take a moment and read President Frank's message asking us each to spend ONE MINUTE a day in service to others, whether it be an act of kindness or a project we participate in.
Service does not have to be a formal project.  It can be as simple as donating food to the local food bank or to the animal shelter.  Or as involved as traveling to Haiti to work with children in orphanages or to install water filters.
The video gives us a look at the importance of finding the time (just one minute a day) to using our skills and talents to make a difference.  Every Rotary Club can use a volunteer whether to work on a playground, help out at 5K or bring sunshine and smiles to children.  We have many clubs within a short driving distance that can use our talents if you are looking for a formal project.  Or you can bring an empty box to work and ask co-workers to fill it with food for the local food bank, etc.

1 Minute of 1440

Each day has 1440 minutes (60 min * 24 hrs). One minute equals 0.069% of a day or about 60 heart beats. I think it would be wonderful if each member of our eClub invested at least 1 minute each day in service, committing random acts of kindness, or creating a better world in some other way. Non-eclubs consume at least 60 minutes a week sitting in a meeting which is 53 minutes more than 1 minute each day for a week. 7 minutes a week is 88% less of a time commitment than a single 1 hour meeting in a non-eClub.


I think our small eClub could “Be The Inspiration” for change in Rotary by focusing on acts “serving humanity”. I would like to make this a measurable objective for our eClub. It seems what gets measured is what gets done. I would like a summary of these acts to be our weekly bulletin to create a sense of community, encouragement, and accountability. I am building a new free website which will have a google form on it where each member can share what they have done each week (the form can be updated via email also).


To improve a sense of community and create a better communication system, I will create a single personal document for each member where they can share (add/edit) anything they wish to include like: name, background, photos, interests, skills to share, links to video, etc… There will also be the option of using our google voice phone number 518-310-6605 (avoiding computers and the internet) to share SMS text messages or voice (which automatically transcribes voice to text). So, each member can leave a voice message each week for everyone to listen to instead of attending a meeting. And, there will always be the Padlet Whiteboard option on the website to drop voice, video, text, images…


I would also like to make it easier for others to serve with us as an extended team. So, I was thinking of creating a “Friends Of Rotary Service” option focused on action. Maybe we could create a $5 annual fee per person with a commitment to Rotary principles. The goal/measure would not be collecting money or fundraising, but would be on acts and minutes of service. I believe there a many many people who would be happy to help create a better world if can provide a model that shifts the focus away from meetings and money.


What matters most is action. We have a great opportunity to create a better world and set a good example if we are willing to act… 1 minute, 0.069% of a day, 60 heart beats ☺


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