Welcome to the Rotary Peace Academy

In this free training course, discover the strategies and tools that can help individuals, Rotarians like yourselves, cities and nations to build and sustain peace, through the internationally recognized and transformational eight-pillar Positive Peace framework. Through this academy, you will strengthen your knowledge and identify concrete ways to enhance and engage in Rotary’s work in peace and conflict resolution and the Areas of Focus – all via a Positive Peace lens.

Discover Positive Peace

Created by the highly respected Institute for Economics and Peace, the course has been designed as a comprehensive introduction to Positive Peace. The course covers measuring peace, the Global Peace Index, Positive Peace alongside practical ways that you can help to build Positive Peace in your communities, Rotary Clubs, cities and nations.

Discover the strategies and tools that enable individuals, cities and nations to build and sustain peace through the eight pillar Positive Peace framework.