Just Imagine - A Note From the Editor

I was searching for a weekly activity for our Club Bulletin. Something that would bridge Peace and Understanding to World Polio Day on October 24th.
I was strangely touched by the concept I've supported for many years ;  that Rotarians are a network  of human power drawn together to build community and through Rotary structure and resources we can do most anything we set our minds to do.  This video and the message it sent me underscored the strength we have as an organization and  as an EClub we have the length and breadth across the globe to  practice peace in all our communities.
From Jaimen's Hands In Peace non-competitive Youth festivals combining cooperative artwork and athletic events that emphasize grace and beauty and foster self-esteem to the global Volunteer initiatives of Frank and Julia to our Educators (Camilla, Phontsok,) working with our children  to teach and promote respect, kindness and harmony to those  involved in the Arts and Sports (Helen and Jessica) to Sylvia providing beauty and grace to our Scientists (Todd and Julia) to those keeping watch over our communities (Ed, Heather, Ariel and Jimmy) to those working with our most vulnerable (Paula and Sari) to the global reach of those involved in keeping the world safe (Dolly) we are People of Action, Inspiring each other and the people we meet.  Truly our club is Human Power - together we can build peace.
I add to this my own commitment to Literacy but I also add a long time involvement in the Rotary World Peace Fellow program.  As the district chair one of my goals is to seek out people interested in pursuing a Masters degree in peace and conflict resolution.  I help them understand the program, navigate through the process of application, university choice, essay writing and district certification and the long wait to find out if accepted into this remarkable program.
Now 1000 strong these World Peace Fellows underwritten totally by The Rotary Foundation, is one more way to build our way to peace.  One of my great hopes is that one day our EClub will support and sponsor a young adult into this program.
I have personally worked with 4 WPF applicants, one graduate, one I hope reapplies this year, one currently in university and one waiting anxiously to hear  (November).
All different but all the same:  dedicated to finding a way to peace, deep understanding of how and why conflict exists, supporting diversity and advocacy.  
Our president, Frank, currently volunteering in Haiti, encourages us with our unique new plan of action based on doing ONE MINUTE of Direct Service or a Random Act of Kindness every day and posting on our new website ERotaryNY.com under Act of Service on the left menu bar.
What?  You haven't checked out the new free website.  Please take a minute.  It's easy, it's fun and is great for communicating among ourselves .
For those wondering about our current website www.rotaryeclubofupstateny.org it is still operational although as soon as we can move everything over to the new site the goal is to move out of this contract.  This will happen once I learn how to navigate Google Drive and other Google technology OR if anyone would help out with this transition.  I could really use the support.
We can each do something and together we can do much.