Posted by Frank Quinn on Aug 17, 2018
Get Your Service On
This morning Frank Quinn, our President, issues a Service Challenge to the Glenville and Niskayuna Rotary Clubs. 
Based on our goal and mission of Direct Community Service rather than meetings and fundraising, the challenge is about performing acts of service and kindness .
If you read Frank's article 1440 in our Bulletin, you are already thinking along the lines of the daily things you do or can do  in your local and global communities.  
From Frank's article - "Each day has 1440 minutes (60 min * 24 hrs). One minute equals 0.069% of a day or about 60 heart beats. I think it would be wonderful if each member of our eClub invested at least 1 minute each day in service, committing random acts of kindness, or creating a better world in some other way."
When I read the 1440, I thought "what a strong sense of community and engagement this gives me."  We are all members of some type of community but how often does the value and benefit  of that connection cross your mind?  
Investing one minute of each day in service and acts of kindness, leads to more minutes and multiplying that by the 1.2 million Rotarians in the world and it's easy to see the impact each of us makes.   
Perhaps  you read about EClub member, Jaimen McMillan's Cirque Eze summer program for middle school students using circus skills to teach life skills.  A fine example of a large scale project touching the lives of children and adults.
Or perhaps you read about Pepi Noble's one person literacy outreach through her Little Free Library and Reading Friday's programs.  An example of a small activity that impacts her community.  300 minutes a week does make a difference!
Tell us more about what you are doing or the kindness you showed someone today.  
Note from Frank - are you available today for just 1 minute ?