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40 Pieces of Advice
During this special time of year, which may get a bit harried for some, here's a video with incredible photography and true words of wisdom.  Take a few moments to enjoy.
(used with permission)
Upstate Rotary eAssembly First Edition 
In the Rotary World, a club assembly is held periodically to discuss club programs and activities. Most clubs hold four to six assemblies per year. Assemblies allow members to. Brainstorm ideas for projects and activities. Set goals and develop action plans.  Assemblies are lighthearted, enjoyable and fun.  This is our first eAssembly and is loaded with information about our Dictionary Project, Wreaths Across America, additional service ideas, and how to access the Bulletin. 
The Dictionary Project - since 2004 our Rotary club has given every 3rd grade student in our local area schools a personal dictionary.  Totals to date over 6,500.  The dates to hand out the dictionaries this year are all posted on the Events Calendar.  Here's how it works: a team of four or five club Rotarians go to each school at a specific time and meet the children, make a short presentation and then personally hand out a dictionary to each child and teacher. Tales approximately one hour.
Each school has a different approach - in some schools we go to each 3rd grade classroom.  In others we go to the auditorium or class pod.  Presentations are short but so worthwhile.  The students love seeing the 'longest' word in the dictionary, sign language, maps of the world and other secrets of a dictionary.  They enjoy looking up a few words too. Each dictionary is labeled with the Rotary 4 Way Test and a place for the student's name.
We need your help to distribute the books this year.  Times reflect sign in, getting to the specified area.  Please contact Patrick at ppomerville@whufsd or Robin at noblerobin595@gmail.com to sign up for one or more of the schools.  And if you have a friend that would like to help bring them along. Seeing the expression's on the children's faces is unforgetable.
A Note from Pep - This letter from our District Governor resonated with me because I also believe that Rotary is something you must experience, an emotional connection.  For me it was a little 3rd grade girl who kissed the dictionary I gave her.  That was my Rotary 'aha'  moment.  I carry that picture in my heart.
For others it's the drop of polio vaccine or seeing a family take their first drink of clean water or watching a child put on a new warm winter coat.  For others it's traveling to assist communities to build computer labs, or pioneering conservation projects and community development and for others it's moving us towards peace.
Having just inducted two new members into our Rotary family I also feel responsible for helping them find the Truth of Rotary to enrich their lives.
Have YOU had an 'aha' Rotary moment?  Please share it on our November wall.
Welcome to our Rotarian Visitors from Around the World!
You are in good company!  As an EClub we make it very easy to make up missed meetings. Each week there is a new e-Bulletin that serves as our meeting forum. There are also many archived bulletins. You can select any of these marked Weekly Meeting Activities on the right Menu bar as a Make-Up.  
After spending roughly 30 minutes on the website, please fill out this form and send to our secretary Camilla Lake. She will forward the necessary documentation to your club secretary to credit attendance.
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We are striving to be convenient and accessible while still living up to the highest ideals of Rotary. Please visit again soon!
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